Doctors and hygienists often like to review past patient clinical notes at the beginning of an appointment. That way they can see any notes made about the patient’s health or past treatment. In Dentrix Enterprise, you can open a list that displays all of the clinical notes at once, so the provider can review them the same way they would in a paper chart.

How To

To view all clinical notes at once:
1. Open a patient’s chart.
The Progress Notes section displays beneath the graphic chart.

Chart Progress Notes – double-click any line to look at the details of a procedure.

Note: Progress notes are listed in chronological order by date, then by tooth number.

2. In the Progress Notes control panel, select the Clinic Notes and Proc. Notes checkboxes. All of the clinical notes for the patient display within the progress notes list with the notes expanded so you can see the full text of each one.

Expanded note display in the Progress Notes.

3. If desired, deselect any other view options that are selected so that the only things displayed in the list are the expanded clinical notes.

Additional Information

  • Tip: You can expand the Progress Notes panel so it’s easier to read several notes at a time. To expand the panel, click Options and click Progress Notes to show only notes in the Chart window. To view the graphic chart again when you are done, click Options and then click Work Chart.
  • View the Progress Notes panel Help File to learn more about Progress Notes in the Chart.
  • To learn more about Dentrix Enterprise, access the full suite of Dentrix Enterprise Essentials courses at the Dentrix Enterprise Resource Center. These training courses are included with your Dentrix Enterprise Customer Service Plan.