Maintaining multiple practice locations is not an easy feat—especially when it comes to improving efficiency and achieving your financial goals. Dentrix Enterprise has the tools you need to help you standardize your operations, improve patient care, and achieve your financial goals.  

Recently, Brian Donahue, Managing Editor of Dental Product Shopper, discussed 3 tools that integrate with Dentrix Enterprise that can increase efficiency and boost your bottom line.  

1. ePrescribe

Through an integration with Veradigm, the market-leading provider of electronic prescriptions, Dentrix Enterprise ePrescribe helps clinicians prescribe medications easily and safely—directly from the Dentrix Enterprise software. A web-based solution, ePrescribe automates the process of writing prescriptions and transmitting them to pharmacies, while flagging dangerous drug-to-drug interactions, drug allergies, and dosage errors that might be missed when prescribing on paper. 

2. QuickBill

Patient billing doesn’t have to eat up precious hours from the front desk team. Dentrix Enterprise QuickBill statements take the place of manually produced dental billing statements, as well as the time-consuming printing, folding, stuffing, sealing, stamping, and mailing that goes with them. QuickBill statements look professional and can be easily edited to change credit cards accepted, line item descriptions, and the invoice color. 

In addition, addresses corrected through the National Change of Address Verification are reported for update in Dentrix Enterprise, keeping your database up to date and making it even easier to stay in touch with patients. 

3. eClaims

With just a few minutes and a few clicks of the mouse, Dentrix Enterprise eClaims allows you to create, validate, and electronically send insurance claims to your payors—reducing your reimbursement time significantly. In many cases, claims can be adjudicated in real-time. Part of the Dentrix Enterprise software, eClaims does not require bridges or third-party patches. Attach digital x-rays, perio charts, and photographs to claims right from within the software and then send them to the largest list of payors in the industry. Before sending your insurance claim, eClaims verifies that all the necessary components are included, which helps reduce the frequency of rejected claims. 

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