Dr. Christopher Lugo was facing administrative challenges to the growth of his multi-location practice, Puget Sound Pediatric Dentistry. Faced with administrative redundancies and inefficiencies, he knew something had to change. In April 2013, Dr. Lugo and his staff made the decision to invest in Dentrix Enterprise, allowing the practice to transform from a single-practice mindset to a multi-location, multi-specialty mindset by centralizing functions and allowing the team more time to focus on expanding the practice.

Since the upgrade, everything now flows smoothly between the groups. Patients no longer have to fill out their health history at each office. Dentrix Enterprise has centralized all our data, so that we can access the reports we need collectively for all the clinics at the click of a button. It also allows us to have multiple providers and specialties in multiple locations, all managed from the same database. This gives us the consistency we need as a multi-location practice. The biggest benefit of Dentrix Enterprise has been its ability to help us create systems and protocols for every scenario we face as a pediatric dental office, therefore saving us time and money, and often leading to a better workflow. Each process is standardized and staff members know the routine and how to get the job done.

The charting and reporting features in Dentrix Enterprise enable us to see what treatment plans are outstanding, so we can follow up with patients to urge them to schedule their pending treatment in each office, which is helpful for recovering untapped revenue. These features are very easy to use, so it’s simple to train new staff. The clinical staff enters the necessary treatment plan, discusses with the patient, and can show them on the computer since it’s color-coded and very visual, and the administrative staff can see that same treatment plan immediately, provide a cost estimate, and schedule the patient for the appointment without even leaving their chair.

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