There are a lot of things to review before a patient comes in for their appointment. Have you checked to see if the patient has insurance or any outstanding claims? Do you know if they have an outstanding balance that needs to be paid? Do they have any medical alerts you need to be aware of during their treatment? Do they have treatment plans that still have not been scheduled? And these are a just a few of the things you need to check for each patient that comes through your practice.

When you have a full schedule, checking for this information from different screens in Dentrix Enterprise can waste valuable time. Is there an easier and quicker way? Yes! The More Information window is the answer to your problems.  

The More Information window should be the first thing you open when a patient calls your practice. From here, you can view the patient’s insurance, outstanding claims, balance, medical alerts, treatment plans, and more – all from one screen.

In the Appointments tab, you can see all the family’s appointments – including past, upcoming, and unscheduled appointments from the Unscheduled List. One great time-saving feature is that you can schedule new patient appointments directly from the More Information window.

How to:

  1. With a patient selected, click the More Information button from the toolbar (this button is accessible in most modules, including the Ledger, Family File, Patient Chart, and Appointment Book).
  2. Click the Appointments tab.
More Information Window – Appointments Tab
  1. Click the New Appointment button. You will then be directed to the Appointment Book and the New Appointment Information dialog box for this patient, where you enter the details of the new appointment.

The More Information window also connects you to all the other modules in Dentrix Enterprise. Having quick at-a-glance access to patient information and upcoming appointments is key to managing all the tasks you have to complete to get ready for a patient’s appointment.

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