Are you looking for ways to increase productivity and profitability in your practice? Dentrix Enterprise continues to evolve to help you excel in both. In the latest major release, Dentrix Enterprise 11.0.2, you will find a compelling collection of improvements to help your practice advance. Consider the following common challenges practices face and the answers you will find in Enterprise 11.0.2.

  1. How much time does your team spend confirming insurance eligibility? Worse yet, how much customer goodwill is sacrificed when you find out too late that patients don’t have the coverage they need to pay for procedures? With 11.0.2, Dentrix Enterprise can automatically verify most of your patients’ insurance eligibilities prior to their appointments. Results are readily visible with an icon on the patient’s appointment. For more details, you simply right-click the icon to view insurance coverage. No more unpleasant insurance surprises for you or your patients.

  2. How does our team react when patients ask during an appointment—or when they call in later—for an explanation of past bills? A long time spent locating past bills can multiply the stress of the interaction for the patient and your staff. So, cut that wait time dramatically. The new Billing tab in the More Information window is your gateway to view and print past statements—all in a fraction of time spent in the past.

  3. How do referrals impact the success of your patient care? Dentrix Enterprise 11.0.2 gives you tools to manage those referrals more effectively for the welfare of your patients. With up to 99 referral status codes, you can more effectively categorize, manage, and report on completion of the work you refer out, helping patients to receive the care they need.

  4. How might a better way of viewing family credit and charge balances save you valuable time and help you stay on top of payments due?  When you are ready to process family balances in Enterprise 11.0.2, the new Family Balance Manager lets you filter by billing types, clinic, and date range to locate accounts with credit and charge balances. Use this information to help collect on charge balances, or post write-offs directly from the list.

  5. Could you use a faster way to track and clean up unpaid claims? The new Outstanding Claims Manager in 11.0.2 lets you view and post write-offs for unpaid claims at the same time. As an added quality check, you can see the total value of all write-offs before closing all claims.

Would you like to know more about additional proficiency awaiting you in Enterprise 11.0.2?  View an informative 61-minute overview webinar about moving up to this benefit-filled new release at