To help your team prepare to bounce back from COVID-19, we’re sending practical tips you can share with business partners and team members. We don’t know when the crisis will end, but we’re committed to helping you manage through it and come out of it better prepared to serve your patients.

Bounce Back Tip: Don’t Leave Money on the Table

Sustaining your business operations requires income. Even if you aren’t treating or billing patients right now, you can still capture some income by conducting an audit of your insurance billing records and following up on open claims. Share these tips with your team to help sustain your practice while you prepare to bounce back from COVID-19.

Finding Procedures that Haven’t Been Billed to Insurance

Finding Claims that Haven’t Been Sent to Insurance

Finding Outstanding Insurance Claims for Follow-up

For more tips, please visit our COVID-19 Resources.

Bonus: Dentrix Enterprise Training for Your Team

To help your team develop the skills they’ll need to help your practice bounce back, send them to the Dentrix Enterprise Resource Center where they can take the Financial Essentials online course. It’s included in your Dentrix Enterprise Customer Service Plan. Watch our video and see how easy it is to get started.

Prepare your team today to help your practice bounce back tomorrow.