A patient arrives for a routine exam. The dentist tells the patient that they will need to come back for further treatment on a molar with severe tooth decay. You create the treatment plan options and consult the patient. A Consent for Treatment is required for the treatment plan. You locate the forms, print them out, and then have the patient complete and sign the papers so you can scan them into the patient’s Document Center.

Or, you can just sign the consent forms electronically. All you need to do is attach the consent form to the treatment plan case and have the patient sign it electronically.

Using the Dentrix Enterprise Treatment Planner, you have the ability to attach and sign patient consents electronically, allowing your office to take one more step toward going paperless.

How To:

Attach a consent form:
1. Select a treatment plan case for a patient.

Patient Treatment Plan Case Setup

2. Click Supporting Information on the Treatment Plan panel.
3. Under Informed Consent, select a form from the Select Consent Form list.

Select the Consent Form

4. Click Add. The Consent Form dialog box appears.

Consent Form dialog box

Once you have attached a consent form to a treatment case, it’s important to have the patient and a representative from the practice sign it. The signature locks the consent form so it cannot be edited.

Sign a consent form:
1. After a patient has read over the form, have them sign the Patient/Representative signature box using an electronic signature device.
2. Verify that the relationship to patient is listed correctly.
3. Next, have the practice representative sign the Practice signature box. They should also select their name by clicking the Name search button on the Practice signature side.

Add patient and practice representative signatures

4. If desired, click Print to give a printed copy to the patient.
6. Click Save.
7. Click Close to return to the Supporting Information section.

When a case has a signed consent form attached to it, an icon appears to the left of the case name.

Treatment case with a signed consent attached.

Additional Information: