If you were given a choice right now between using film or digital X-rays, would you ever go back to the old, time-consuming way? Not likely, because looking back, you can see how staying current with technology like digital X-rays and intraoral cameras has improved both workflows for providers and outcomes for patients. In the same way, keeping your enterprise software technology up to date offers your organization the greatest benefit. 

With Dentrix Enterprise 11.0, you can take optimized workflows to a new level, with dozens of helpful new features — many as a result of working directly with our customers — for your multilocation dental practice or public health organization. 

Moving Up from 8.0.9

So, why the jump from 8.0.9 to 11.0? One reason is because we packed in so many new tools that offer more efficient dental technologies for your practice — like being able to edit clinical notes from the Signature Manager, apply alerts to all members of a family at once, and easily view birth date and age in the Appointment Book. Along with that, we’ve added an exciting new function where you can use tags to easily customize reporting — with one or a combination of tags. 

Maintain Meaningful Use Certification

While we upgraded a lot of things, we didn’t touch the software components that would require recertifying for the government’s Electronic Health Records (EHR) Incentive Program, also known as the EHR Meaningful Use Program. Dentrix Enterprise 11.0 remains an EHR-certified dental software that meets 100 percent of the Base Criteria, 100% of CQM Domains and 100% of the Ambulatory CQMs, making it easier for public health clinics to maintain government certification. With Dentrix Enterprise 11.0, you can generate the Meaningful Use Measure Calculation List needed for Stage 3 measures. 

Update My Software!

Dentrix Enterprise 11.0 is our best-yet solution for enterprise dental organizations that understand the importance of economizing wherever possible. Our dental software gives your providers and staff the tools they need to use their time most efficiently — which creates exponential savings when multiplied over clinics. 

See all the ways Dentrix Enterprise 11.0 is designed uniquely to help you improve dental workflows, see more patients and make the most of your staff’s precious time at dentrixenterprise.com/11