When you are glancing over your schedule in the Appointment Book for the day, it can be hard to tell if the patient coming in is a child, teenager, or adult. In order to see the age of a patient who is coming in for treatment, you would select their appointment and go to their Family File. From there you could see their birth date and age. 

Dentrix Enterprise 11.0 makes this workflow much easier. You can now view a patient’s date of birth and age directly from their appointment. You no longer need to view the patient’s Family File to see their age. An additional benefit of this feature is that if you have two patients that share the same name, such as John Smith, you can instantly see from the Appointment Book which John Smith is coming in that day.

How To 

Set up your Appointment Display Info from your current Appointment View to display birth dates and ages.  

Adding birth date and age to your appointment display info

Now your patients’ appointments will display the birth date and age. Also, if you hover over the appointment with your mouse pointer, the birth date and age appear on the pop-up. 

Age and birth date displayed on an appointment

Viewing birth dates and ages on appointments is just one of the many great features introduced in Dentrix Enterprise 11.0. Please visit https://www.dentrixenterprise.com/11 to learn how these features can help you achieve your mission to provide better, faster, and easier patient care. 

Additional Information