How many patients does your clinic treat every month? Every year? That’s a lot of teeth to keep track of. Even if you only plan treatment for a fraction of these teeth, that’s still a lot to remember without a little help from Dentrix Enterprise.

That’s where the case status history in the Treatment Planner can help you. While a provider may remember a patient’s name in between routine office visits, it may be harder to remember specifics about treatment recommendations, such as why certain procedures were accepted or rejected by the patient, especially when they are in your office maybe one or two times per year.

With a patient’s case status history, you can see the dates and reasons for changes to their treatment case statuses (as long as your providers are diligent about adding comments when a status is changed).

For example, if the doctor has some questions about why a patient did not accept his original recommended case, he can get the answers he is looking for by reviewing the case status history.

How To

  1. In the Treatment Planner, select the treatment plan case to view and click Case Status History.
Treatment Planner
  1. To see more information about a case status change, hover over the comment with your mouse. A pop-up appears showing the entire comment for the status change.
Case Status pop-up
  1. If necessary, you can update the status from the Case Status History dialog box:
    • Select a status from the New Case Status drop-down.
    • Add any applicable comments.
    • Click the Update button to change the status for the treatment case.

Additional Information