Building a strong schedule and keeping it full is one of the most important and most challenging tasks for your team members at the front desk. As you and your team work to build your schedule, or as you work to fill holes in the schedule, one tool you have is the Practice Treatment Case Report. 

What is the Practice Treatment Case Report? The Practice Treatment Case Report is generated from the Dentrix Enterprise Treatment Manager and helps you find patients with outstanding treatment plans. The report allows you to sort treatment plans by the case severity you have entered for them. You can set criteria to find patients with the most urgent treatment needs to fill time in your schedule. 

The Practice Treatment Case Report also allows you to filter treatment plans by status, case expiration date, clinic, or provider. You can also include finance status and dental plan maximums and minimums in the report. 

How To:

  1. Open the Treatment Planner from the Patient Chart.  
  2. Click the Printer icon. 
  3. Select Practice Treatment Case Report

The Practice Treatment Case Report offers many filters and sorting options. One important option is the ability to filter treatment plan cases by Case Severity. For example, you can set this report to only show the treatment cases your practice has set to immediate. This will help you focus on the patients with the most urgent treatment care needs and work to get them scheduled for appointments. 

Additional Information