Does your Batch Processor need Marie Kondo? Do you have to do a lot of scrolling to get to the most recent items? After a busy day of generating reports, insurance claims, routing slips, and billing statements, your Batch Processor can become just a long list of old documents that need to tidied up.

This Office Manager needs tidying.

With so many items, it can become difficult to find what you really need. Chances are you really don’t need most of what’s still in there. If you’ve printed the report or electronically and transmitted the claim, it’s time to delete it from the Batch Processor.

To delete items from the Batch Processor, select each item (you can use CTRL + click to select multiple items), and click the Delete Reports button.

The Delete Options dialog opens. By default, Selected Reports is selected. However, you can select to delete Printed or Sent reports, or delete All Reports.

Selected Reports is the default option.

You will get a final “are you sure you really want to do this” warning dialog. Double check your list, click OK, and the reports will be deleted. It feels pretty good to tidy up the Batch Processor, doesn’t it?

Additional Information

See the Deleting Reports help file to learn more about this feature