As health centers and dental organizations continue to provide comprehensive, high-quality preventative care to those most in need, let’s look at some helpful resources Dentrix Enterprise provides to supply reporting organizations assistance in Uniform Data System (UDS) reporting. The UDS reporting system provides performance data for clinics utilizing public health features to fully comply with regulatory requirements.

This information is vital for your organization, not to mention reviewing reporting requirements with your dental teams can assist with your success. For example, the ability to print a customized UDS report, such as a Sealant Statistics Report, can assist your team in searching the schedule and identifying children who may need sealants. You can then educate parents on the importance of these procedures. You will better assist your providers in planning and preparing for the appropriate treatment.

Dentrix Enterprise can help your organization gather and organize the necessary data to plan for treatment, measure production outcomes, and create accurate records for required reporting.

Let’s take a look at some of the UDS reports Dentrix Enterprise provides.

encounter and user statistic report

This report displays the number of patient encounters with primary and secondary providers that performed procedures in the specified date range. This report generates a record of patient encounters for UDS reporting for comparison with national data.

report preview

Important information the encounters by provider option provides:

  1. Primary provider encounters
  2. Secondary provider encounters

Important information the encounters and users by selected procedure codes option provides:

  1. Encounters total
  2. Users that posted procedures for the corresponding encounters total

For more information about the Encounter and User Statistic report, view the UDS – Encounter and User Statistics Report Help topic.

insurance financial class report

The UDS – Insurance Financial Class Report (2013) lists the patients of the specified financial classes that had procedures performed and provides the total number of those procedures, using the UDS (Uniform Data System) standards for reporting. This report generates a record of financial class statistics for UDS reporting for comparison with national data, and to provide financial class statistics to grantees, partners and communities.

report preview

Important information this report provides:

  1. Group totals
  2. Patient demographic information
  3. Grand totals

For more information about the Insurance Financial Class Report, view the UDS – Insurance Financial Class Report (2013) Help topic.

patient related revenue report

The UDS – Patient Related Revenue Report displays revenue totals for patients with procedures completed that have had claims created within a particular date range. The report gathers information on charges, collections, allowances, discounts and write-offs in order to calculate average charges per visit, payer mix, and the charge-to-cost ratio.

report preview

Important information this report provides:

  1. Financial class
  2. Patient Information
  3. Payer category totals
  4. Grand total

For more information about the Patient Related Revenue Report, view the UDS – Patient Related Revenue Report Help topic.

sealant statistics report

The UDS – Sealant Statistics Report displays the percentage of children, ages 6 through 9, who are at a moderate to high risk for caries and who received a sealant on a permanent first molar during the reporting period.

report preview

Important Information this report provides:

  1. Patient demographic information.
  2. Treatment statistics

For more information about the Sealant Statistics Report, view the UDS – Sealant Statistics Report Help topic.

More Information

More information about UDS reporting can be found on HRSA’s Health Center Program website. See the Data & Reporting page of the HRSA Health Center Program website for more details.