e-Prescriptions are increasingly being mandated across the United States, but they can also provide a wide range of benefits to your organization.

e-Prescriptions can save you money, make your organization more efficient and modernize your prescription solutions New laws and regulations that mandate the use of electronic prescriptions have increased significantly over the past few years. That is not the only reason you should adopt e-prescriptions, though. Prescribing medications electronically offers dental and medical practices a wide variety of business and patient care benefits.

In 2016, more than 70% of physicians and dentists in the United States used electronic prescriptions in their practices1. Between 2020 and 2025, the global e-prescribing market is projected to grow from $1.2 billion to $3.3 billion2.

Stay up to date on electronic prescribing for controlled substances mandates in your state

New federal e-prescribing rules and regulations are being put in place, and many states have implemented, or plan to implement, their own electronic prescribing for controlled substances (EPCS) requirements. Although similar, each state’s requirements include differences. For example, in some states, e-prescribing mandates only affect prescriptions for controlled substances. In other states, they apply to all prescriptions.

If you live in one of the 30 states with EPCS mandates that are existing or impending, you need to have an e-prescription plan or solution in place. If you live in one of the 20 states without an EPCS mandate, you should still prepare now. The future of prescriptions is clearly shifting toward all prescriptions, especially controlled substance prescriptions, being issued and managed electronically. To see a list of states with existing EPCS mandates, click here.

e-Prescriptions benefit your patients, too

E-Prescriptions help your organization save money and streamline your processes while also helping your patients by improving patient safety, providing better experiences, and increasing efficiency. Some states are even creating controlled substance databases that can help protect both patients and organizations. Specifically, e-Prescriptions:

  • Check for allergies, past drug interactions and dosage errors, details that may be missed with paper prescriptions. One study found prescription error rates decreased with e-prescriptions from 42.5 errors per 100 prescriptions to 6.6 errors per 100 prescriptions2.
  • Automatically transfer prescriptions to retail and mail-order pharmacies, saving patients time and increasing prescription accuracy.
  • Increase efficiency by streamlining and automating many aspects of the prescription management process.

e-Prescriptions offer a variety of benefits to your organization and patients, and when you have the right information to successfully navigate the ever-changing legal landscape, your organization and patients are best served.

We can help you successfully navigate the e-prescription world

Dentrix Enterprise ePrescribe can offer your organization an e-prescribing solution whether you are new to e-prescribing or are looking to update your existing solution. ePrescribe:

  • Meets all the latest federal and state EPCS mandates.
  • Makes prescription drug monitoring programs a natural part of providers’ e-prescribing workflow to help protect practices and patients.
  • Improves patient care and offers your patients greater convenience.
  • Makes prescribing workflows more efficient, leading to increased opportunities for revenue.

Visit our e-prescription page or call 800.459.8067 to learn how Dentrix Enterprise ePrescribe can bring these and many other benefits of e-prescribing to your organization.