You have spent many hours creating great clinical note templates for your practice. These templates contain all the information and questions needed to quickly and accurately document a patient’s visit. However, some of these clinical note templates are very long, some containing over 20 prompts.

Responding to each of those prompts one-at-a-time and in a specified order, can be cumbersome. Did you know that there is a way for you to view all clinical note prompts in one window?

Introducing the “Grouped Prompts” option. When you combine your clinical note templates with the Grouped Prompts option, you simplify the way you can enter your clinical notes for your patients.

How To

To set up a clinical note template with grouped prompts:

  1. With a patient selected in the Patient Chart, click Clinical Notes .

  2. Clinical note templates are grouped by category in a list on the right side of the Clinical Notes panel. Click Template Setup .
    Note: Only users with security rights to “Clinical Notes, Template Setup” can create clinical note prompts.

  3. Select the Grouped Prompts checkbox. All prompts for a clinical note template will now appear in a single window.
Template Setup window with the Grouped Prompts checkbox selected.
Template Setup window with the Grouped Prompts checkbox selected.

4. Click Close.

Now when you enter a clinical note with multiple prompts, all prompts will appear in one window. You can answer each prompt in whatever order you choose. Just click OK when finished, and the clinical note will post to the patient’s record.

Without Grouped Prompts

With Grouped Prompts

Additional Information