If you work in the Appointment Book, you know how useful it is to have unique views set up for your staff that allow them to see just the right information they need to perform their job. Or, you may need several views set up for staff members that schedule or work in different clinics.

Whatever the case, you may find that you need to access several different Appointment Book Views during your workday. You can switch between views by clicking View on the menu bar, finding the view name from the list, and clicking Select.  

However, there is an easier way to switch between Appointment Book Views. And we all love to learn new ways to perform our jobs easier.  

You’ll notice that each Appointment Book View has an assigned Short-cut key. You can quickly switch between views by pressing the short-cut key, or key combination, of the desired view on your keyboard.

Appointment Book Select Views window

If you are not happy with the short-cut keys assigned to your views, you can always select a new key or key combination. To do so: 

  1. From the Appointment Book, click View on the menu bar.
  2. Select the view you want to update and click Edit.
  3. Select a new Short-cut key from the list.

Note: You can only choose a short-cut key that is currently not in use by a different view. Any key that is in use will be denoted by an asterisk.

Editing an Appointment Book View

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