Frequently, your practice will post or schedule commonly grouped procedures, such as a prophy and exam, at the same time for your patients. Having to post these procedures individually every single time can be a time waster, especially for a large practice. A multi-code can solve this issue for your practice.

In Dentrix Enterprise, a multi-code is a set of procedure codes that are commonly scheduled or posted together at the same time. Instead of having to post or schedule these procedures separately, you can group them in a single multi-code. By using multi-codes, you can save considerable time when scheduling or posting treatment for your patients.

Dentrix Enterprise comes with 10 pre-set multi-codes*:

    • DO Amalgam
    • DO Composite, post-permanent
    • MOD Amalgam
    • MOD Composite, post-permanent
    • Bridge
    • Cont. Care – Prophy, Adult
    • Cont. Care – Comprehensive
    • Cont. Care – Prophy, Child
    • Initial Exam/New Pt
    • Tx Root Canal and Crown

*See the online help file, Multi-Code Setup, to see details of each these pre-set multi codes.

You may find that you need to create your own multi-codes, based on the types of procedures your practice routinely completes. In the Multi-Code Editor in Dentrix Enterprise, you can specify a description for the multi-code, set the amount of time required to complete the group of procedures the multi-code consists of, and which procedures (surfaces, quadrants, etc.) are part of the code.

Multi-Code Editor can be opened from the Office Manager > Maintenance > Practice Setup > Multi-Code Setup…

Once created, the multi-code can then be selected from the list of procedure code categories when:

    1. Creating an appointment in the Appointment Book
Procedure Code list from the Appointment Information dialog box
    1. Entering Procedures from the Ledger
Enter Procedure(s) dialog box from the Ledger
    1. Entering procedures from the Patient Chart
Select Mult-Code dialog box from the Patient Chart

Additional Information

    • See the Multi-code Setup help file for specifics on how to create or edit a multi-code.
    • See the Deleting multi-codes help file to learn how to delete a multi-code you no longer use anymore.