There will be times when you will need to provide your patients with multiple treatment options to fix or improve some aspect of their dental health (for example, an implant vs a bridge). Knowing how to clearly present these options to your patients can inspire their confidence in your practice.

The Treatment Planner allows you to create alternate treatment cases that you can present to your patients, helping them to make an educated decision on their treatment. When you create an alternate case, it is linked to the original case as an alternative treatment option. Once you have presented the options to your patient, you can change the status of the case to show which case has been proposed, accepted, referred, or rejected.

Treatment Plan Case Setup

How To

If the alternate cases have different treatment options, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new folder for the alternate case.
  2. Select the procedures from the default treatment plan folder that will be moved into the new alternate case folder. Then, click and drag those procedures to the alternate case.
  3. Rename the alternate case with a descriptive title under Name of Alternate Case (for example, Bridge).

If the alternate cases have one or more treatment options in common, follow these steps:

  1. Select the case folder that contains all the procedure codes (typically the default folder).
  2. Right-click the folder and select Create Alternate Case.
Create Alternate Case from the right-click menu
  1. Type a name for the alternate case in the Name of Alternate Case field (for example, Implant).
  2. Only check the procedures that will be completed in either treatment case, regardless of which case the patient selects. Deselect all the other procedures.
Create Alternate Case window
    • For example, the extraction procedure will be completed regardless if the patient chooses to have an implant or bridge.
  1. Click OK. You now have an alternate case linked to the original, or recommended, case.
  2. Select any procedures you want to move from the default treatment folder to the alternate case. Then, drag those procedures to the alternate case folder.
  3. Rename the original (default) case folder so that it is descriptive of the treatment listed by right-clicking on the title and selecting Rename Case (for example, Bridge).
Treatment Plan Case Setup window with alternate cases created

Additional Information