Your clinic director has asked you to run a report on how much revenue was produced by patients assigned to a specific grant. There is no billing type that would filter this list appropriately, so how can you run a report that will calculate the results you want? Did you know you can use Patient Tags as a better, more detailed filter for patient-centric reports? If all grant patients were assigned the same patient tag, you could run a Production Summary Report and select that patient tag as the filter in order to produce the results you need.

In Dentrix Enterprise, Patient Tags work similar to hashtags in social media where you can label or categorize patients’ records which then can be used as a filter for reports. Patient Tags are a very effective way to filter reports since they are customizable, depending on your organization.

Some examples of how to use Patient Tags:

  • Current or past military service
  • Grants, schools, community organizations
  • Medicaid, financial or payment issues, behavioral concerns, etc.

Assigning Patient Tags
1. Select the patient in the Family File and click on the Patient Tag icon .
2. Use the center arrows to add or remove a selected tag for the patient and click OK.

Note: Multiple tags can be applied to one patient, but keep in mind that tags apply only to an individual, and not to the whole family.

Assigning Tags to a Patient

Filtering Reports Using Patient Tags

You want to run the Production Summary Report but only for patients who are assigned to a particular grant. Use a patient tag to filter the report by checking Run By Patient Tag and using the search Search button to select the Patient Tag you want to use as a filter.

Filtering reports by a patient tag.
Filtering reports by a patient tag

As of Dentrix Enterprise 11.0, you can use patient tags as a filter on all patient-centric reports.

If you are using Dentrix Enterprise 8.0.9 or earlier, you can run the patient tags filter on the following reports:

  • Production Summary Report
  • RVU Production Summary Report
  • Patient List
  • Day Sheet

Additional Information

  • You can apply an unlimited number of tags to one patient.
  • Once the tags have been set up and used (i.e. linked to a patient) you cannot edit them.
  • Make sure you are using tags that are set up for the long-term. Once a tag is set up in Definitions, tags are global across the organization.
  • View the Patient tags overview Help file to learn more about this topic.