Did you know the More Information module can connect you with patient details in a single window? This is definitely a module that can make your job easier. The More Information window is a one-stop shop for many patient tasks in Dentrix Enterprise. For example, one every-day task that you can access quickly from the More Information window is setting up and verifying a patient’s medical problems, allergies, and medications under Medical Alerts.

More Information Window – Medical Alerts tab

How To

  1. Click Medical Alerts from the menu. From this window, you can review current medical problems, medications and allergies for the patient.
  2. To modify an alert, or create a new alert, click the Medical Alerts/Problems button.
  3. You can also track when the patient’s medical alerts were last reviewed so you can keep the information up-to-date. To mark the alert as reviewed, click the Medical History Reviewed button, then select Reviewed Medical Alerts or Reviewed & Attached Related Referral under the Medical Alert Review section.
Medical History Review

Additional Information