Learn how QuickBill makes it easier for you to send billing statements and more convenient for patients to pay.

Maintaining a healthy cash flow is fundamental to keeping the doors of your practice open, and patient payments are a big part of that. Ideally, of course, all patients would pay their full balance at time of service. Because that’s not always possible, you usually have to send billing statements to collect the remaining balance.

If you’re still sending statements manually, you’re wasting time, energy, and resources that you may not be able to afford. Dentrix Enterprise QuickBill, an add-on available with Dentrix Enterprise 3.5 and later, gives you all the control of manually produced dental billing statements without tedious assembly or expensive inventory. With just a few clicks, you can send a single statement or a full batch — all the printing, folding, stuffing, sealing, stamping, and mailing is done for you.

Save Time and Money While Reducing Stress

Through QuickBill, you can order billing statements to be sent directly from Dentrix Enterprise. You don’t have to worry about keeping special paper and envelopes in stock, or panic when the printer runs out of ink during your monthly billing print-a-thon. Plus, when your team members don’t have to spend time folding, stuffing, and mailing statements, they can spend more time filling holes in the schedule or following up on outstanding insurance claims.

Because QuickBill is fully integrated within Dentrix Enterprise, it uses the same billing statement features that you’re already using to print statements, so you don’t have to learn new processes in a separate program. You can also customize the appearance of the statement and include notes to the patient, adding a personal touch without sacrificing professionalism. Reclaim your time and enjoy a streamlined billing process that keeps the features you know while eliminating the busywork.

When It’s Easier for Patients to Pay, They’ll Pay Faster

QuickBill statements make it easy for patients to send payments — and for you to reconcile them — by including a perforated edge and a return envelope with each statement. In addition, QuickBill statements receive verification through the National Change of Address (NCOA) database to ensure that your statements reach their destinations. If the NCOA verification reveals that a patient’s address needs to be updated in your system, you’ll get notified, helping you stay in touch with patients and reduce attrition.

Taking time to evaluate your billing statements can also help your cash flow: If a billing statement is clear and easy for patients to understand, they’ll be more likely to pay right away. For instance, you may want to move the balance forward date back a few months so patients can see a history of their treatment and payments, or you could include procedures that are attached to a pending claim so patients can see what has been billed to insurance.

Make billing easier for both you and your patients by sending statements through Dentrix Enterprise QuickBill. Visit the Dentrix Enterprise QuickBill product page to learn more or request a demo.