From card-on-file and recurring payments to the latest Next-Gen payment terminals, is your practice leveraging the latest solutions and best practices for financial success?

Winning with Patient Payments

Still struggling with the time-consuming hassles associated with manually processing and reconciling payments?  One area that’s frequently overlooked but can have a significant impact upon the success of your practice is the way in which you manage your patient payments. With an integrated, healthcare-specific payment solution in place, your practice can provide flexible payment options that help expedite payments and significantly improve your revenue cycle. In addition to providing secure payment functionality with HIPPA compliance, an advanced, integrated patient payment solution will provide the highest level of security for patient financial data while significantly reducing the costs of maintaining PCI compliance.  Features such as card-on-file functionality and the ability to offer recurring payments can be remarkably effective in improving rev cycle, while the very latest, next-gen payment terminals are quickly becoming the recommended norm for convenient, contactless digital payments.

Consider an Integrated Patient Payment Solution

By selecting a patient payment solution that’s integrated with your dental practice management software, you can significantly reduce costs and streamline your workflow, simplifying your payment processing and reconciliation. You may already be using or familiar with AxiaMed. Dentrix Enterprise partnered with AxiaMed to streamline workflow by simplifying in-office patient payment processing and reconciliation. AxiaMed enables the successful processing of credit card payments, refunds, and voids directly from the Dentrix Enterprise Ledger, eliminating the need to double-post payments between multiple systems. This results in fewer errors due to manual entry, easier end-of-day reconciliation, and increased staff efficiencies. AxiaMed also provides the highest level of payment security with validated point-to-point encryption (vP2PE). Card-on-File and Recurring Payments.

Card-on-File and Recurring Payments

The new 11.0.2 Version 4 of Dentrix Enterprise includes two highly anticipated, previously unavailable new features: Card-on-File and Recurring Payments. AxiaMed’s secure payment vault provides a secure database that stores payment data on file – commonly known as “card-on-file.” By substituting the card number with a “token”, such as a random string of numbers and letters, AxiaMed replaces sensitive card information with a non-sensitive equivalent. The token is then used in place of the actual credit card number for maximum security in online and mobile payments enabling you to offer your patients convenient, automatic recurring payments and flexible extended payment plans which are essential for patients with large balances and minimal insurance coverage.

Latest and Greatest Payment Devices

Contactless digital payments are quickly becoming the recommended norm, particularly in healthcare environments. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, next-generation Android patient payment devices can help limit the risks associated with close physical contact. By accepting touch-free payments via NFC-enabled forms of payment such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more, these devices help eliminate the need for your staff to handle cards or touch keypads and screens demonstrating your commitment to the safety and wellbeing of both your staff and patients. AxiaMed offers a variety of PAX Android payment devices designed to meet the needs of virtually any practice, along with a unique payment device management solution, which your security and technology management teams can use to secure, manage, and monitor your payment devices from one cloud-based system, without the need for physical access.

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