Dentrix Enterprise is designed to address the unique needs of public health organizations, such as CHCs and FQHCs, with solutions created for their complex issues. If your organization serves the public health sector, it’s essential to have a complete picture of your patient’s health by having all your sites and providers together in one system. That way, you can ensure that the correct medical and dental data gets to the right people in the right places.

With Dentrix Enterprise, you can easily share data with other providers and medical systems, which uses the international, trusted Health Level Seven – HL7 standards for electronic health data.

Dentrix Enterprise works with more than 40 medical software solutions, such as athenahealth, Allscripts, Centricity, Cerner, eClinicalWorks, Epic, NextGen, and more. It ensures clinical interoperability and saves your staff valuable data-entry time, so they can focus on caring for your patients. It also helps to save time and avoid frustration by electronically sharing scheduling; billing; demographics; orders; clinical notes; C-CDA (Clinical Context Document Architecture) files for continuity of care; and FHIR Services (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) for problems, allergies, and medications.

What is HL7?

Health Level Seven (HL7) is a non-profit organization involved in the development of international interoperability standards. Simply put, HL7 allows medical and dental programs to share information between systems.

Through the HL7 interface, Dentrix Enterprise and your EMR software communicates and shares information through the following message types.

dentrix enterprise hL7 message types

Dentrix Enterprise HL7 integration allows you to send different message types between your medical software and Dentrix Enterprise. Here are some common message types and the information it enables you to send.

  • Admit, Discharge, Transfer (ADT) – Through the ADT message type, the Family File in Dentrix Enterprise populates with demographic information, such as insurance, guarantor information, next of kin/emergency contacts, etc., from your medical software. One notable aspect of this message type is that information only flows from your medical software to Dentrix Enterprise. Therefore, only create/update patients in your medical software so it can populate in Dentrix Enterprise’s Family File.
Patient Information dialog box
  • Detailed Financial Transaction (DFT) – You can transfer dental message charges from the Ledger to your medical software through the DFT message type. For example, information such as treating clinics, providers, dates of service, procedure codes, fees, etc. will transfer to your medical software. However, this message type is outbound only, meaning data will only travel from Dentrix Enterprise to your medical software and not vice versa.
Dentrix Enterpise Ledger
  • Medical Document Management (MDM) – You can send dental clinical notes to your medical software from Dentrix Enterprise with the MDM message type. This is useful if you want all clinical notes grouped in one central location, creating a holistic approach to patient care. MDM messages can be sent out when saved and again when signed. In addition, locked notes can be appended with this message type.
Clinical Notes dialog box
  • Scheduling Information Unsolicited (SIU) – Through the SIU message type, you can send scheduled appointment information to your medical software or vice versa. This can help your organization build and maintain one schedule, which is especially beneficial if you use a call center to schedule appointments.
Dentrix Enterprise Appointment Book

These are examples of some information you can send and receive through Dentrix Enterprise’s HL7 Integration. In addition, there are many other message types as well.

For more information regarding HL7 Integration and how it can benefit your organization, reach out to your customer success manager. If you’re currently using HL7 Integration and need technical support, contact Customer Support at 800.459.8067 and ask to speak to a tech in the HL7 Support queue.

With Dentrix Enterprise HL7 integration, you can improve clinical interoperability and patient care in your organization.

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