It can be difficult to keep track of patients who call wanting an appointment right away. In these situations, it can be useful to offer to call the patient if a time becomes available. In Dentrix Enterprise, you can flag scheduled appointments as ASAP (As Soon As Possible). Once you flag an appointment this way, it appears on the ASAP List. This ASAP list shows patients who can fill holes in the event an appointment is cancelled.

How To

To assign an appointment to the ASAP List:
1. In the Appointment Book, double-click on the appointment.
2. Expand the Schedule: drop-down list and select ASAP.

Appointment Information window.
Appointment Information dialog box.

3. Click OK.

To schedule an appointment from the ASAP List:
1. In the Appointment Book, from the Appt Lists menu, hover over ASAP List, and then click Current Clinic to view appointments for the clinic currently being viewed or All Clinics to view appointments for all clinics. The ASAP List View dialog box appears so that you can filter the list.

ASAP List View dialog box.

2. Set up the following filters as needed:

  • By Provider/By Operatory: Select only the appointments assigned to a certain provider or operatory.
  • Span of Search: Enter how many days of appointments into the future you want to show on the list.
  • Type of Search: Leave ASAP selected.

3. Click OK. The ASAP List window appears, displaying all appointments scheduled that have been flagged as ASAP in the number of days selected in the Span of Search field.

ASAP List view.
ASAP List window.

4. Contact the patient and see if they can fill the opening.

  • Tip: If patient appointments are not displaying on­­­ the ASAP list, first check that the Span of Search is set to a large enough search. From the ASAP list, click View to see the Span of Search field.

5. Once confirmed, double-click the patient’s name and schedule the appointment directly from the ASAP List.

  • Tip: To quickly reschedule the appointment, from the Appointment Information dialog box, click Pin Board to put it on the Pin Board. Then, drag the appointment to the open time slot.

Additional Information