One of the great things about the Dentrix Enterprise graphic chart is that by using paint colors, you can easily identify at a glance the dental work that is existing, completed, a condition, or treatment planned for that patient. However, it may not be as easy to identify the status of treatment in the Progress Notes panel. Especially for patients that have been coming to your office for many years. That’s a lot of black text to scroll through to find what you’re looking for.

Patient Chart without paint colors in Progress Notes

But did you know you can customize the progress notes so the status of each procedure matches your paint colors? That way it’s easy to quickly identify progress notes that correspond to a certain status.

In the Patient Chart, select File > Set Chart Colors, and then check the box labeled Use Paint colors for progress notes.

Set Chart Colors dialog box

With that setting enabled, your progress notes will now display the same paint color associated with each treatment status, making it easier to find the treatment you’re looking for.

Progress notes with paint colors enabled

Additional Information

  • Patient Chart colors are workstation-specific, meaning that different computers on the network can have their own colors.
  • To learn more about this feature, view the Customizing chart colors Help file.