If you are familiar with the Patient List feature, you know what a powerful tool this can be to create lists of patients based on specified criteria, such as patients with a specific allergy. But creating the same list over and over can be time consuming.  

Patient List templates can save you time by allowing you to set the filters and patient criteria once and saving that list as a template. So, the next time you want to generate that specific patient list, you just select the template and click Run.  

In addition, you can now create patient lists that can filter by patient tags and billing types giving you more insightful ways to use the Patient List tool.

Patient List templates not only save you time, but let you create a library of patient lists specific to your organization’s needs helping you find patient data faster than ever before.  

To Create a Patient List Template

  1. From the Office Manager, select Analysis > Patient List
  2. From the Patient List – Select Template window, click Add.
  3. Give the list a name in the List name: field.
  4. Add the desired filters and data fields for your list.
  5. Click Save.
Patient List Template set up window.

This template will now be visible in your Patient List tool and can be generated at any time by selecting the template and clicking Run.

Patient List Templates window.

Additional Information

  • You can edit or delete a template at any time.
  • View the Patient List Help file to learn more about this feature.
  • For more information, see the Dentrix Enterprise 11.0 Release Guide section on Generating the Patient List.