You likely have a large number of billing statements you send out each month. With all those patient statements being sent each month, there has probably been a time or two that a billing statement you didn’t want to send to a patient slipped through the cracks and was actually delivered.

There is a feature in Dentrix Enterprise that can help prevent this type of mistake. It is the Verify Billing Statements to Send feature. With this feature enabled, you can preview your batch of billing statements and make changes before you send them electronically or print them in your office. You can also deselect specific statements to prevent them from being printed or sent electronically to a patient.

This feature is enabled in the Office Manager. Go to Maintenance > Practice Setup > Preferences. Then click the Print Options tab and check Verify Billing Statements to Send in the Additional Print Options group box.

Verifying your Billing Statements

Select the billing statements in the Batch Processor and click Print.

In the Dentrix Print window, you can see a preview of each bill that will be sent. Use the left and right arrows to navigate through each statement. If you find a statement you don’t want to send, uncheck the Send Statement To check box. The bill preview turns gray, indicating that the displayed bill will NOT be sent or printed.

Verify preview window

If you would rather not have to toggle between each statement, you can also see a list of patients who will receive a statement by clicking the Verify button. You can remove accounts from the statement transmission by clicking on a name. The highlight will disappear indicating that the bill will NOT be sent.

Using the Verify List option to remove statements

It’s that simple! Once you have reviewed your statements and removed the ones you don’t want to send, just click OK to send or print the statements. You can rest easy knowing billing statements will only be sent to those patients you wish to receive one.

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