The Dentrix Enterprise Workflow Analysis is the first step toward enhancing your current workflows or planning your seamless transition to Dentrix Enterprise. The Workflow Analysis entails a certified Dentrix Enterprise trainer reviewing all current workflows in an organization with the purpose of clearly defining your current process needs, desired outcomes, and developing a training program to refine the organization’s use of Dentrix Enterprise. 

The dental organization leadership begins the process by establishing desired results from the workflow analysis. The trainer then conducts workflow evaluations using the stated objectives and goals to assess the effectiveness of current workflows. Workflow evaluations include a combination of observation of workflows and interaction with the organization’s team members to document the current state software workflows and software supported operation processes.

While onsite, the certified Dentrix Enterprise trainer will assess your patient visit lifecycle workflows, along with six key operation management processes supported by your practice management software.

Key Operation Management Processes

  • Database Design: Practice setup, security settings, setup, and design of the modules in the system
  • Schedule Optimization: Appointment management, patient communication, schedule management, and available features
  • Patient Records Management: Patient and household accounts, administrative patient notes, patient online access, referral management, and continuing care
  • Clinical Records Management: Clinical record accuracy, treatment planning, and clinical setup integrity
  • Revenue Cycle Management: Insurance plan maintenance, management of fee schedules, submission and adjudication of insurance claims, payment allocation and adjustments, prevention and control of outstanding and overdue accounts receivable
  • Practice Analysis and Reports: Business financial reports, business operations reports, resource management, and financial risk management

After the onsite portion of the analysis, the certified trainer and Dentrix Enterprise software training managers will conduct a thorough review of the data collected during the analysis and develop recommendations for proposed workflow enhancements.  Enterprise subject matter experts, database engineers, customer success managers, project managers, business analysts, and technical support teams will assist with recommendations and reviews when the training team identifies their assistance is necessary.  

The final stage of the process is the presentation of the workflow analysis report and recommendations. The final report will identify workflows to be modified, enhanced, automated, or remain in place with the stated goals. Approximately two weeks after the onsite analysis, the trainer will provide a copy of the report to review, and will conduct a presentation of the recommendations and findings remotely with the organization’s leadership to discuss any identified key decision-makers. The presentation of the report will include your customized training plan for successful adoption, implementation of recommended workflows, and efficient use of the software.

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