Every year, the ADA updates their dental procedure codes. Keeping up with these changes can lead to quicker reimbursements and a more accurate list of current dental codes. However, there may be some codes you never use and never will. Rather than have these codes cluttering up your procedure code lists, you can inactivate any procedure code you do not post at your clinic(s).  

Inactivating a procedure code removes it as an option when entering treatment. Inactivating a procedure code is not permanent; you can reactivate any inactive procedure code as needed. 

With the new year right around the corner, now would be a great time to do a little housecleaning of your dental procedure codes. 

How To

  1. In the Office Manager, go to Maintenance > Practice Setup > Procedure Code Setup…
  2. Find the procedure code you want to inactivate and select it.
  3. Click the Inactivate button.
Inactivating a procedure code from the Procedure Code Setup dialog box.

Dentrix Enterprise will ask you to confirm the inactivation at this point. Once you confirm, the procedure code will be removed from all procedure code lists.

However, there may be times a procedure code cannot be inactivated because it is currently in use, such as when a procedure code is included in an insurance’s payment table. Dentrix Enterprise will display a message if you try to inactivate a procedure that is currently in use. 

Message showing the procedure code is currently in use and cannot be inactivated.

Use the information in the message to remove the procedure code from those designated areas in Dentrix Enterprise. Once removed from all areas, attempt to inactivate the procedure code again.  

Inactivating procedure codes is just one of the many great features introduced in Dentrix Enterprise 11.0. Please visit https://www.dentrixenterprise.com/11 to learn how these features can help you achieve your mission to provide better, faster, and easier patient care. 

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