Organizing patient notes can be a tricky process, and you likely have several places where patient notes are stored. Using the right type of note for the many kinds of patient documentation is important. Treatment notes are designed to help you keep a complete clinical record for each of your patients and can be found in two places inside Dentrix Enterprise: procedure notes and clinical notes. 

Procedure notes are directly associated with an individual procedure. They are primarily used to document completed procedures for reference purposes. Clinical notes are generally thought of as medical journal notes that do not need to be associated with a specific procedure.

The decision to use a procedure note or a clinical note depends on what you are documenting. If you are documenting that a procedure was completed and also providing specifics about the procedure, use a procedure note. If you need to provide additional information about a procedure, visit, or patient health status, or you need to sign and lock a note to ensure accuracy, use a clinical note. For more information on when to use procedure notes or clinical notes, refer to the following table:  

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