When you present treatment cases to your patients, you probably have standard information that you want every patient to understand. These may include financial terms, a disclaimer about insurance estimates only being an estimate, a time limit explaining how long your office will honor the prices quoted, or perhaps even a line for the patient’s signature on the printout.

You can include this information in a Case Note Template, and then designate that template as the default for all Treatment Plan Case Notes.

How To

  1. To create (or edit) case note templates, open any patient’s Treatment Planner, and from the lower-left corner, choose Settings.
Treatment Planner Settings Menu
  1. Select Template Setup.
  2. Type a short Template Name (you will use this to find your template from a menu later), and in the Template Text field, the note.
  3. Click Add to save it.
  4. If you want to modify an existing template, select the template name, alter the Template Text, and click Modify to save the changes.
Case Note Template Setup
  1. In the Settings panel, locate the Default Case Note Template menu. Select the template that contains the default information you created.
Treatment Planner Settings Menu

Going forward each new treatment plan case you create will have this message automatically added to the case note.

Additional Information

View the Customizing Case Settings help file to learn more about this feature.