When the days are busy and you are staring down a full schedule, how can you tell at a glance which patients’ insurances have been verified? The Patient Insurance Eligibility icon on the patient’s appointment in the Appointment Book can show you!

Eligibility Icons

The insurance eligibility icon can appear in one of three ways:

A white E on a green background indicates the patient is eligible for benefits.

A white E on a red background indicates the patient is not eligible for benefits.

 A black E on a yellow background indicates eligibility has not been verified.

Note: This icon refers only to the primary dental insurance. Eligibility for other levels of insurance can only be checked in the patient’s Family File record.

How To Enter Eligibility Information

  1. To enter eligibility information, first update the patient eligibility icon by double-clicking the Insurance Information block in the Family File.
  2. Select the insurance you want to enter eligibility information for under Insurance Plans.
  3. Enter the eligibility information under Patient Information.
Patient Information Block
  1. Enter the appropriate date for the Last Eligibility Check. If you did this today, enter today’s date.
Last Eligibility Check Date
  1. If the patient is not eligible for benefits, check the box for Not Eligible. The current date is automatically entered in the Last Eligibility Check field.
Not Eligible
  1. Enter the date that eligibility began in the Eligibility Start field.
Eligibility Start Date
  1. Enter the date that eligibility ends in the Eligibility End field.  
Eligibility End Date

Note: You need to enter a date into the Last Eligibility Date box in order to enter the start and end dates. Once you have done this, a start date is required, but an end date is not.

Repeat the process for each insurance as needed.

Additional Information