With 24 procedure buttons in the Patient Chart you have a lot of options for creating a customized charting panel that suits your specific needs. The ability to create procedure button templates, which you can assign to different users, simplifies your job. Users with similar roles no longer need to create their own procedure button template. For example, if you want all hygienists in your organization to have the same button set, create the template once and then assign it out to all your hygienists. How’s that for a time saver!

In this blog post, we’ll cover how to create a new template for the 24 procedure buttons available to users from the Chart.

How To

Add a Procedure Button Template

1. From the Office Manager, open the Maintenance menu, select Practice Setup, and click Chart Procedure Button Setup.

Create a template from the Chart Procedure Button Setup dialog box.

2. In the Chart Procedure Button Setup dialog box, click New.

Note: You can also create a new template based on an existing template by clicking Copy.

New Chart Button Template dialog box.
Create a new template and customize procedure buttons.

Note: For each button in the table on the left, there is a corresponding code on the right.

3. In the Template Name field, enter a name for the new template.

Customize or Edit a Procedure Button

1. To customize any procedure buttons, double click a button image Chart procedure button to open the Edit Procedure Button Setup dialog box.

Edit Procedure Button Setup dialog box.
Edit Procedure Button Setup dialog box.

2. To edit a procedure button, do any of the following:

  • Select Code box: Edit the Procedure: or the Dental Diagnostic: information by clicking .
  • Select Tooltip Text: Select the User Procedure Description option or select Use Custom Text to enter a new description in the field.
  • Select Button Face: Select the Use Image option and select the arrow to choose a new image. Or, select Use Code Text to have the button change to the code number instead of an image.
    Tip: If you select this option, be aware of the font you choose so that it’s large enough to view the number clearly. For best results, use a 6-point Arial font.

3. Click OK to close the Edit Procedure Button Setup dialog box, and click OK again to close the New Chart Button Template dialog box.

Assign a Procedure Button Template to Users

1. In the Chart Procedure Button Setup dialog box, click Set Template for User.

Chart Procedure Button Setup dialog box.
Chart Procedure Button Setup dialog box.

2. Select the Clinic and Group from the menus, then select the User ID of the person(s) you want to assign the template to, and click Add to Selected Users.

Set Chart Template to Users dialog box.
Select User IDs and add them to the selected Template.

3. Click Copy. In the Set Chart Template to Users alert window, click OK.

4. To assign the template to all users, select the Set Selected Template for All Users check box.

Important: With a template assigned as the default for all users, users cannot use a different button set or create their own custom button sets.

5. In the Chart Procedure Button Setup window, click Close.

Additional Information

  • A user’s assigned procedure button templates will be available for use no matter what workstation they are logged into.
  • Dentrix Enterprise uses a smart-code feature. When you are charting a procedure code, depending on the surfaces or roots selected, the procedure will be updated when it is posted. For example, if you chart a one-surface amalgam (D2140) but select three surfaces, Dentrix Enterprise will automatically post the three-surface amalgam (D2160).
  • View the Charting Conditions and Existing Treatment Essentials video to learn more about these features.
  • For more information, view the Procedure Code Button Overview Help file.
  • To learn more about Dentrix Enterprise, visit the Dentrix Enterprise Resource Center. Both the Knowledgebase and Enterprise Essentials Training Videos are included with your Dentrix Enterprise Customer Service Plan.