To make scheduling appointments easier, you should ensure that each provider’s work schedule is accurately set up in Dentrix Enterprise to reflect their availability.

How To

  1. In the Appointment Book, on the Setup menu, click Provider Setup.
  2. Select the clinic from the drop-down list and then, select the provider whose schedule you want to make changes to, and click Schedule.
  1. Double-click the date on the calendar that will have hours differing from the normal schedule, and customize the Start Time and End Time as needed for that particular date.

Note: To change the provider’s default working hours, see the Setting up a provider Help topic.

  1. Click OK to save your changes, and repeat as needed for each weekday the provider will temporarily be working adjusted hours. Click Close when finished.
  2. If a provider is taking a vacation day, click Schedule, select a specific date on the calendar and select Set Vacation on selected date from the Options menu.

Additional Information

  • Changing the provider schedule affects all computers.
  • Changing a provider’s hours for a day or scheduling a provider out of the office on a certain day does not make changes to any previously scheduled appointments.
  • For additional information, view the Setting up a provider schedule Help topic.