The Appointment Book is a valuable tool in managing your practice’s schedule. Appointment Book Views can be configured to view all of the operatories for an individual clinic. Perhaps in your clinic, you may go back and forth from a clinical to an administrative role, or your work may require you to view the schedule for different clinics. For example, you can have one view for when you are in the operatory and a different view for when you are at the front desk. For each view, you specify which providers, operatories, hours, and patient details are shown in the Appointment Book.

You can configure different views for your Appointment Book to satisfy your different requirements. You can also assign a short-cut key to each view, so switching from one view to another is quick and easy. (Note: If a short-cut key is already assigned to a different view, an asterisk will be visible next to the short-cut key in the list.)

Two different appointment book views showing operatories from different clinics

Also, as you bring on new staff, it is very helpful that existing Appointment Book Views can be copied from one user to another, or you copy a staff member’s view to yourself. This feature is useful if you or another staff member floats between administrative and clinical roles or works out of more than one clinic. Also, this feature saves time when setting up standardized views for your team.

Copying appointment book views to selected users

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