The list of procedures and financial transactions in a patient’s ledger can get pretty long, especially if they’ve been a patient of yours for a long time. If you need to find a specific transaction for that patient, scrolling through all that text can be cumbersome.  

There is a way to help you quickly identify and differentiate between various types of financial transactions, such as adjustments or payments: Assign a different color to each transaction type.

Open the Set Ledger Colors dialog box from the File menu in the Ledger.  

Set Ledger Colors dialog box

Assign colors that will be easy to read on your Ledger and Treatment Plan backgrounds. We also suggest you assign a color to either the Treatment Plan or Ledger background — that way you can distinguish between the two views.  

Once you have set up your text colors, the Ledger will become easier to use and you’ll be able to find the various transactions much faster.  

Please note that changing the Ledger colors will affect ALL clinics. So make sure you choose colors your organization truly wants.  

Ledger with colors assigned to transactions

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