Complex dental organizations understand the importance of economies of scale. Saving a few cents on each lab item. Cutting keystrokes for providers and staff. Bit by bit, these improvements have a powerful cumulative effect of saving you time and money across your organization.

We know you are passionate about making your organization run as efficiently as possible. That’s why Henry Schein One created Dentrix Enterprise 11.0 practice management software. Here are five ways 11.0 helps you have a more profitable and efficient dental organization than ever before:

1. Improved workflows

Dentrix Enterprise 11.0 streamlines dental digital workflows. In the Signature Manager, we’ve made it easier for doctors to enter signatures without the back and forth to streamline office procedures. Also, from the Medical Alerts window, you can now enter multiple alerts for things like implantable devices, allergies, and medications, all in one convenient window.

2. Easier Access to What You Need

The time you spend searching adds up, so we’ve made it easier to get to the most important information quickly for the highest possible dental office efficiency. For starters, Dentrix Enterprise 11.0 adds balances to the Patient Information window. In the Appointment Book, you can hover over the appointment to see the patient’s age and birthday so you quickly know if you’ve got the right “John Smith.” You can also easily get to the Treatment Planner from the Family File.

3. Convenient patient tags

Now you can apply tags to patients and run reports based on these tags. So you can see, for example, all patients under the age of 5 who had a visit in the last two years and are Medicaid patients — then save and reuse any combination of tags. The tag functionality is also in the Patient List module. You can see patient tag assignments in More Information.

4. A better EOB and 835 Experience

The Dentrix Enterprise 11.0 software upgrade has made fundamental improvements to the way it processes EOBs and 835s for an improved dental billing and eClaims experience. Our software add-on import tools integrate with the Ledger to help your staff manage claim reconciliation and patient billing even more efficiently.

5. Improved patient care

We’ve also thought of the little things that make a big difference, such as a place to record patient preferences, like their preferred fluoride flavor. Because the little things add up to big things when patients keep choosing your practice.

These are just a few of the ways we’ve made it easier than ever to run a successful dental practice as you streamline office procedures and get to the information that matters most to you. Dozens of dental software features have been updated in Enterprise 11.0. Check out to learn even more.